How’s gratitude and the law of attraction related? Why practicing gratitude is considered one of the most important steps you need to take if you want to turn your dreams into a reality? Also, if you are going through a difficult phase in your life, how are you supposed to feel grateful for anything? All these questions will be answered in this blog along with some awesome gratitude building exercises which you can try in order to become a happier, more positive, high-vibrational being.

Importance of Positive Thoughts and Emotions

There are only two kinds of emotions we human beings can feel –

  • Positive emotions such as – love, joy, peace, humility, and gratitude
  • Negative emotions like – anger, jealousy, pride, fear, and guilt

All the negative ones are associated with low vibrational frequencies while the positive ones work at higher frequencies. The whole idea of following the law of attraction is to consciously (intentionally) keep your thoughts and emotions in higher modes of frequencies. Maintaining a positive attitude in your thoughts and emotions allows you to connect with the universe and when you do that consistently for a certain period of time, these thoughts and emotions start turning into your physical, 3-dimensional reality.

The same is applicable to negative emotions as well. A lot of the people who lead a difficult life tend to spend most of their time thinking about negative thoughts like – life is a struggle, nobody loves me, I’m good for nothing, etc. When your mind is occupied with such thoughts on an everyday basis, these thoughts become your emotions. And because of these low vibrational emotions, slowly, you become a magnet for misery, depression and ill health.

That’s why it’s very important to make an effort towards increasing your consciousness so that no negative thought could cross your field of awareness. And at the same time, you need to focus on the positive aspects of your life so that you could maintain a happy and positive state of mind for as long as it’s possible for you.

Use Gratitude to Raise Your Vibrations

The law of attraction is based on a simple fact – what you give attention to, multiplies. If you keep thinking, “how miserable my life is”, your life will keep getting more and more miserable. On the other hand, if you consciously start thinking, “how wonderful my life is”, even if your life isn’t all that wonderful at the moment, things will start getting better because you are now focusing on something positive and constructive, instead of just wasting time cribbing about everything/everyone around you.

Cribbing or complaining about something attracts scarcity, poverty, and deprivation. And what’s the opposite of complaining? Yes, that’s right – GRATITUDE! When you live a life full of gratitude, you never actually run out of things to be grateful for. And that’s where the power of gratitude lies! When you start counting all your blessings you’ll realize how lucky and privileged you are. You’ll start appreciating your loved ones like never before. And you’ll start feeling happy, loved, prosperous and energized every single day of your life. It kind of acts as a ‘happiness fuel’ by helping you maintain a positive state of mind.

Maintaining this kind of mindset is ideal in order to attract abundance, health, better relationships, and success via the law of attraction. You can use the key of gratitude to learn how to vibrate at a higher range of frequency. Using this emotion over any other emotion is preferred by a whole lot of people since it’s the easiest way to raise your vibrations. As you wake up in the morning, start your day by counting things you are grateful for. It could be anything – “I am grateful for my health”, “I am grateful for being able to pay my rent”, “I am grateful I’ve woken up on time”. Just this simple exercise puts a smile on your face. And that’s the start of a great day! See, how easy it is!

It’s a scientifically proven fact now that gratitude boosts your happiness, willpower, and peace of mind. So, cultivating gratitude and making it a part of your lifestyle definitely helps you get into a more favorable position to RECEIVE from the universe.

Express Gratitude But Don’t Compare

Expressing gratitude means to offer your sincere appreciation towards whatever you think is ‘going great’ in your life. But in an attempt to do so, many people tend to compare themselves with those who are living a less privileged life. Always remember to count your blessings and not someone else’s impediments or problems in order to feel grateful. For example, if you are saying something like – “thank you universe I’m not under debt like Aunt Ruth”, you are telling the universe, “please help me lead a better life than Aunt Ruth is leading her’s.”

For all you know, you might have the capabilities to become the next ‘Oprah’, but you just want your life to be better than that one woman you meet once every 3 years! That’s not how you use gratitude to manifest your deepest desires. The seed of comparison is rooted in the grounds of jealousy and fear. Again, low vibrational emotions! So, be aware not to fall into this trap. Instead of saying thank you for all the things other people don’t have, say thank you for all the things you have which make your life truly wonderful.

In fact, research now shows that practicing gratitude could help people who compare themselves with others all the time, feel better about themselves. So, if you are someone who couldn’t help but constantly compare your life with that of your affluent neighbor’s, cultivating gratitude could help you get rid of this nasty habit, altogether.

How to Cultivate Gratefulness While Going Through a Tough Time

Many people at this point would be thinking on these lines – “Yes, all this is fine, but you have no idea what I’m going through! I don’t have anything to be grateful for!” Really? Just ask yourself, is this really the truth? Well, the truth is there’s plenty to be grateful for, but you’ve ignored all that and instead, are focusing on everything that’s wrong. Now, that kind of attitude is completely against the law of attraction on every level possible.

When you are in a difficult situation, you should be more thankful for what you have than ever before. This is so, because during this time your manifestation powers are already impacted by all the negativity that surrounds you. In such circumstances, the probability of falling into the trap of low vibrational emotions such as anger, frustration, and fear is at its highest. And to combat that, you need to boost your happiness and calm by whatever means you think you have access to.

Practicing gratefulness in the face of adversity, helps you gather strength, courage and hopefulness almost instantaneously. And these positive emotions (charged with high vibrational energies) allows you to tackle your problems in a more logical, systematic and effective manner.

Start on the highest note. Enlist the best, most obvious things you could feel grateful for. “I’m still alive and kicking.” “There’s food on my plate and shelter over my head.” “I still have the ability to change the course of my life. I just need to be a little more organized or I just need to think differently.” Keep repeating such affirmations with as much involvement as you can. You’ll see, you’ll start feeling better and with that, you’ll realize there are so many other things to be grateful for.

3 Powerful Exercises to Cultivate Gratitude

Make a List – Make a list of everything that’s going great in your life. Write down everything you can think of. And whenever something new and exciting happens, add that to the list as well. Now as you wake up, go through this list, first thing in the morning. You’ll start every day of your life on a happy, positive note. This is such a simple exercise, but following it consistently, and with a certain sense of sincere involvement, can truly change the course of your life.

Stop Everything and Bring Your Awareness to the Present Moment – At least twice a day, stop everything you are doing and purposefully bring your attention to the present moment. Breathe deeply and remind yourself that this is the moment you are alive in. NOT in your PAST and NOT in the FUTURE. The past is gone and you can’t really control your future. So, this is the moment you should focus on. As you do that, you’ll naturally develop a sense of appreciation for the present moment. You’ll see that stress and anxiety can’t really exist in the present moment. They exist either because you are too invested in your past or you are focusing too much on your future.

Virtually Saying Thank You –  Pick someone who changed your life in some way. Someone who deserved your appreciation but you couldn’t express your gratitude at that time. Ideally, this person shouldn’t be someone who you interact with on a regular basis. Now, start a conversation with this person in your mind. Remind him/her what he/she did for you and how it impacted your life for the better. Say thank you and tell them you’ll always remember what they’ve done for you. By the end of this, your heart will be full of gratitude. If you want, you can even call or visit this person and tell them these feelings in-person. But that’s not compulsory. This exercise is for you really. It allows you to open up and appreciate other people’s presence and their selfless acts in a wonderful manner.


Practicing gratitude is not a moral agenda, neither it’s just an expression of appreciation. It has more scientific basis to it than what most people could imagine. Gratitude helps you boost your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing by heightening your vibrational energies. It allows you to dwell in a more peaceful and joyful manner. And we all know being happy and joyous are so important when you are trying to connect with the universe via the law of attraction in order to turn your desires into a reality.