If we can understand the Law of Attraction and its potential to improve our lives, our journey has already begun.  

The next step is knowing exactly how to get started: what forms can the Law of Attraction take in our daily lives, that will help us succeed?

We are all different, we have different dreams and different motivators. Luckily, there are a multitude of ways to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to our lives that will best suit us. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it!

If we don’t take charge of and responsibility for our lives then our dreams will remain just that – dreams.

We have to meet the universe halfway, just asking for what we want is not going to cut the mustard and nor should it – sometimes the toughest things are most worth pursuing.

There are endless practical tips out there for designing our idea of a perfect life; vision boards, 5/10/20 year plans, journals, goalsetting – these are all well and good but are just single puzzle pieces of a much bigger picture. They must be pitstops in your journey rather than the vehicle itself.

  1. Ask yourself: how do you want to feel?

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.” — Danielle LaPorte

Have you ever wanted a new, expensive pair of shoes for months, thought about them, dreamed about them and finally saved up enough money to buy them only to get bored of them days later? Or perhaps a car, or new toy?

Sometimes we get sidetracked from the things we truly want by the things we think we should want. Is social media to blame? Perhaps. Whatever the cause, we need a solid handle on exactly what we’re searching for in order to avoid the temptation of shiny things throwing us off course…

So, how do you want to feel in your life? Based on what you have experienced thus far, what brings you happiness? Is it having more time in the morning so you don’t have to rush? Or living by the sea or a park, so you have easy access to nature? Perhaps you like to live with a view, you find it calming, or in the middle of the city with noise and life all around you?

Perhaps animals bring you happiness, but you don’t want the responsibility of a dog – could you find access to them another way?

Spend time thinking about what you truly want based on how it makes you feel. This will help you filter the genuine wants from the fanciful desires. Does it feel right, is it authentic to you?

Once you have a handle on this, a vision board may come in useful. Piece together a tangible representation of these feelings you are striving for and what evokes them in you. Having this up around your house will help keep you on track and remind you what you are working towards.

                Example: I have always felt unsure about what kind of job would bring me a sense of purpose and utilize my best trait, my compassion. One day, on a dolphin-watching trip, we witnessed a terrible act of ignorance by a jet skier that almost resulted in the death of a baby dolphin. It made me so intensely angry, both in that moment and days later. I realized that I cared deeply and that I would get a huge sense of reward from stopping behavior like this. I decided that I want to feel like I make a difference to our natural world and that this would bring me happiness.  

  • Visualise the Details

You have an idea of what you are looking to reach, now you need to align your emotions with this goal.

Take a moment to visualize. Paint a scene around this accomplishment with you at the center. You have achieved your greatest ambition.

Fill your senses: where are you? What is around you? Can you smell, feel or taste anything? Is it cold, warm, noisy or quiet? Lose yourself in that moment.

Picture the details. Can you see anyone else there with you? What are they doing or saying? What positive emotions are they displaying? How do these make you feel? Have you impacted their lives too?

If you master this step, your body will feel every emotion you associate with your dream. And the best part? Physiologically, it doesn’t really know the difference between reality and imagination, so you’ll always have these incredible emotions when you look back on your vision. This will be crucial in helping you stay focused on making it happen and sticking to your plan.

Example: I had decided that helping take care of our natural world would bring me happiness and fulfillment. I began to visualize how it would feel to rescue and rehabilitate a baby elephant. I thought about that day and how I would feel in the lead up to release. I imagined that I had helped rescue the baby from its dead mother, killed by poachers and left alone.

Feeding it by hand every day, sleeping beside it in the hay every night, watching over it as it grew stronger and building a deep bond with it. I imagined the smells of its enclosure, the relentless flies and heat of Africa, the worry for its safety after we let it go mixed with elation that I kept it alive and gave it its life back. The sadness of not knowing it anymore, committed to letting it remain wild and free from us.

Until the day comes that we let it go. It runs excitedly to the herd waiting for it, trumpeting and bounding towards its family. The love, passion, sadness, desperation in me as I watch it go. The small sense of relief that we were able to minimize the impact of the poachers by saving this baby. The other happy volunteers around me, tears in their eyes, totally silent, just sharing the moment.

Just this vision brings me so much happiness and longing that it stays with me long after I go back to my day, living in a totally different world but with something to strive for.

  • Make a Plan

Now comes the fun part. It would be nice to think that affirmations and visions would be enough to warrant a response from the universe but sadly, we need to do our part too. Don’t worry though! It’s easy when you take it a step at a time.

So, make a plan: working backwards.

Map out your destination and your starting point. What are the pitstops you will need to make along the way? Be specific in each so that you cannot get confused on your journey. Equally, you need to allow for some change in the wind that comes naturally, so don’t be afraid to deviate a little.

Incremental stages are the key – digestible, achievable and measurable. Once you have these in place, trust your gut and get going. Acknowledge any obstacles on your way and make a conscious effort to smash them down, don’t let them throw you off your course.

It may help to write this down or add to your vision board. This will again clarify your steps, keep them top of mind and easy to follow. Whenever you doubt or feel fuzzy on the detail, revisit this.

                Example: I want to work with animals in Africa. This is my destination. In order to get there, I will need either a job there or a job that allows me to work remotely and volunteer my time for free in conservation which is more likely. For the best chance at this, I will need qualifications and experience.

                I am limited by where I live (not in my country of citizenship) as to what I can study. So, I look to my home country, can I find an online course based there? Yes! It’s expensive but there is a part-time option, allowing me to spread the cost and still work full time to support myself.

                As well as saving money, I could use this time to get more experience and volunteer. Giving back will allow me to learn about the industry quicker, feel that I am making some positive impact now and impress potential future employers after I graduate.

  • Focus

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward” — Old Chinese Proverb

Fantastic, you’ve made a plan! With these small steps, you will soon be making strides towards things you may never have thought possible. You have combined wanting and asking for these things with doing and that is the catalyst for success.

It would be easy here, however, to trip up. Focus is key: take on ONE piece of the puzzle at a time. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed by your commitment and allow that doubt to distract you. Bite-size chunks are much easier to swallow.

Creating a new habit takes roughly 21 days, according to scientists. And just 17 seconds to start manifesting, according to Abrams Hicks! Whether the activity you want to do more often is something keeping you on track to change behavior, like a vision board or meditation, or the new habit itself, like reading more or buying less coffees, attaching it to an existing habit will make for the most natural transition.

For example, you may want to learn a new language. This feels like a huge undertaking, and it is, so try incorporating it into part of your existing routine. Do you listen to music on the way to work? Perhaps replace this with a podcast or language-learning app? Your routine hasn’t changed, you’ve just adjusted it.

Just that 20 minutes per day will help you stay on track without veering from your usual routine too much and achieve your seemingly huge goal, all at the same time.

Again, writing it down or having it visually available to you will also help keep you accountable and focused.

Example: In order to be able to work in conservation one day, I have worked backwards to find that the first step I need to take is to save the money for my course. It’s expensive and my salary won’t cover it in time to start this year.

So, how else can I make money? I’m a decent writer and I love to write, so perhaps doing this on the side will help. I look at sites to market myself and build a portfolio.

How can I save money? I like to buy coffees at work when actually, they often make me feel bloated and increase my anxiety. I could try different green teas that I buy and make myself.

My usual routine is to get in early before my colleagues and drink that coffee while I write a few words for my blog. Instead, I could sit with my green tea and work on a project for a new client. Going in earlier and allotting this time will allow me to work towards my goal without drastically changing my schedule.

I start my day in a similar way, but in one that helps me feel that I have accomplished something meaningful straight away. My focus is on money, so I stick to this for now.

  • Reaffirm

Congratulations! You are well on your way to greatness and it’s all down to believing that you could. Make sure you don’t let up on this belief along the way!

Meditate every day on your chosen focus. The best time is first thing in the morning when you are at your clearest, before any one else’s problems cloud your attention.

Meditation doesn’t have to look like the classic Buddha pose and reaching another level of consciousness or spiritual awakening. It really just requires you to be still and quiet for a few minutes and to center your attention to your body.

Get comfortable, whatever this means for you, and close your eyes.

Focus on your breathing and count it. Try picturing a ball of light and keep your attention fully on it. If your mind wanders, that’s ok, take note and bring it back to the light. Allow the light to get bigger, emanating a warmth that you begin to feel. Let the heat enclose you and find comfort there, this should help energize you for your day ahead.

Some people like affirmations. Saying something out loud to yourself might be considered a little insane to a stranger on a bus, but doing it in your room before you leave for work could have a powerful impact on your day. Speak to yourself, ‘I will succeed in XYZ today’. Confirm it, commit to it and live it.

Reaffirming your objectives will remind you of your journey to find them in the first place. The emotions that led to them and the purpose of your journey.

It will help you overcome anxiety, doubts, fears or those of others, as you persevere and keep that bigger picture front of mind. Look for inspiration elsewhere too, from like-minded people who may be able to help you believe in and trust the process, at times it may waver.

Example: As a young woman from a big Western city, the dream of working in Africa could seem far-fetched and unrealistic. Sometimes, I wonder whether the money spent on a course is appropriate and enough, worth the months of saving and working all hours.

In these times of doubt, I revisit the old friends that gave me my determination in the first place. The National Geographic articles, the books by my hero conservationists and the non-profits started by people just as ordinary as me.

Losing myself in their stories energizes me, focuses my attention and reminds me how good it will feel when I achieve my dream. It doesn’t have to be releasing a baby elephant but something similar will evoke in me the same emotions that I am searching for.

 I set bite-size chunk goals for a reason, to break down my dream into measurable progress trackers and I am ready to get back on track!

  • Share the Love

The last step and just as important – spread the positivity! Share the love.

Be kind to yourself in your quest and to others along the way, bring them up with you. Make people feel good when they’re around you and help them find their own versions of manifestation.

We are innately social creatures and gaining the love and respect of those around us has been proven, time and again, to help us live long and happy lives.

How about an anonymous or random act of kindness? Elevate the lives of others just for the sake of it, and like the Law of Attraction, this goodness will no doubt come back to you.

Practicing gratitude will help you acknowledge your growth, how far you have come and also center you in the present too. Perhaps start a journal where you record these and can refer back when you feel those moments of negative energy creeping in?  

It’s a great way to record your story as it evolves with you on your path.


The Law of Attraction relies on three things: clarity, positivity and action. These are the three things you should keep at the core of your manifestation.

Without all of these things, you will find it difficult to reach the dreams you thought unreachable but bringing them together in synergy, it will suddenly become easier than you ever thought possible.

The next generation of everything has to come from somewhere, so why not let it be you?

Like all good things, you need to earn it, and you can tailor your process to your personality, existing habits and routine to make your goals realistic and achievable.

Whatever your dream, don’t leave it.

Live it.