If you are new to the law of attraction it could understandably be a little confusing to ascertain whether the universe is working for you or not. Even those who have been manifesting their desires from years, sometimes struggle with this. I’m one of them!

I find that some of my desires are easier to manifest. I see the results in a short span of time. But with some of my desires, I struggle and struggle because these aren’t simple desires or maybe they are simple but I’m not really prepared for them. When a desire takes its own sweet time, doubt or disappointment kicks in. To shun these negative feelings away, you can keep an eye out for definite signs from the universe to verify whether the law of attraction is working towards manifesting your desires or not.

These are the 8 most prominentlaw of attraction signs from the universe that you can look out for –

1. You’ll Start Noticing the Physical Presence of Your Desire

This is the most easily recognizable sign that starts appearing as your energy moves into a higher mode of vibrations. You’ll see that what you’ve asked for is present everywhere. For instance, if you’ve asked for a particular motorcycle, you’ll start noticing that motorcycle model on the road every other day or maybe its ad will appear in front of you out of nowhere. This is a sign from the universe that what you’ve asked for is on its way to you. Universe is telling you to maintain your focus and keep doing the great work!

2. Synchronicity – Frequent Appearances of a Specific Number or a Visual Pattern

The term ‘synchronicity’ was first coined by psychoanalyst Carl Jung in the 20th century. He explained the phenomenon as ‘uncanny coincidences’ or ‘meaningful coincidences’ that hold a direction or a direct signal from the universe. In spirituality, frequent appearances of numbers like 1111, 2222 and so on, are considered quite auspicious. It means that the universe is trying to communicate with you. In addition to numbers, you can also experience synchronistic occurences in the form of visual patterns or symbols. For example, you’ll start seeing heart shaped stones, clouds or tea leaves wherever you go. If you want to explore synchronicity in a more profound manner, you could read Deepak Chopra’s Synchrodestiny.

3. Thinking About a Person and then Receiving a Call/Text from Them

“Oh I was just thinking about you yesterday morning!”

Thinking about a person and then, out of nowhere, receiving a call or a text from them is a definite sign from the universe, verifying that the law of attraction is working for you. This is especially true if this person was not in contact with you from quite some time. If you are giving someone enough attention via your thoughts and emotions, you might even run into this person without making any prior plans of any kind. If that happens, take that as a clear sign indicating that your manifestation powers are on a roll!

4. Your Questions are Being Answered

Actually, the universe is always trying to communicate with you via symbols, numbers or ‘lucky coincidences’, it’s YOU who needs to develop an eye for these signs. But when you consciously raise your vibrations in order to manifest your desires, this communication becomes even more evident. You’ll find that if something is bothering you or if you are wondering about something, the universe will start giving you the ‘answers/solutions’ that’ll help you via certain signs and symbols.

For example, just before sleeping you asked the universe “how am I going to solve this problem?” You woke up in the morning and there you have it! On the front page of the newspaper, an ad’s tagline answers your question! Or maybe a stranger on the subway will be speaking on the phone, guiding someone else on how to solve that problem. You can ask for help or guidance and it will be provided to you. If that starts to happen, you are definitely on the right path.

5. Happiness and Excitement – Your New Best Buddies!

If you feel that for the most part of the day you are simply happy and excited for no apparent reason, you can take that as a sign from the universe that things are working out for you. A peak in your energy levels and overall vitality are also considered great signs affirming that the law of attraction is working towards manifesting your desires. You can use this happy state of mind and vitality in order to become more mindful and conscious of your actions, which in turn will help you manifest your desires even more quickly.

6. Receiving Money from Unexpected Sources of Income

Existentially, there’s no such thing as ‘scarcity’. The universe is an inexhaustible source of abundance and prosperity. It is your own conditioned belief systems that work against you in order to keep you away from who you really are. So, when you get in tune with the laws of the universe including the law of attraction, you naturally release these blockages, attracting abundance and wellbeing into your life. Thus, receiving money, out of the blue, from unexpected sources of income becomes a new norm. If that’s something you can relate to, your vibrations are definitely on a rise and that’s a great sign.

7. You Sleep Better and Your Dreams are More Vivid

When you start following the law of attraction you tend to become more trusting and self-assured as a person. This automatically allows you to sleep better since every day in your life you are choosing love and gratitude over fear and insecurities. Your sleep quality increases and most of the time you wake up fresh and energized with a big smile on your face. This itself is a sign that your manifestation powers are on a rise. You can also start observing your dreams a little more closely to confirm this. If you could effortlessly recall what happened in your dreams, you are unquestionably on your way to become a more conscious, high vibrational being who knows how to manifest his/her desires easily and effortlessly.

8. You Feel Sensations in Your Chakras

If you aren’t familiar with the 7-chakras system, here’s what it is – chakras are the energy centres in our body, located along the length of our spine. There are 114 chakras, out of which 7 are the most powerful ones. Different chakras represent different qualities in a human being. When you journey towards increasing your consciousness, you activate these chakras by meditation, yoga, mantra chanting or simply by becoming aware of your thought process, like we do while manifesting our desires via the law of attraction.

When these chakras are activated, you feel sensations in your spine. You can literally feel the energy moving from one location to another. If that has begun to happen, you are about to explore a whole new world of spiritual possibilities. And this also means that the law of attraction is working hard to turn your dreams into a reality.

What is the Purpose of These Signs from the Universe?

One obvious purpose of these signs is to offer you reassurance that your dreams and desires are about to manifest as your reality. But sometimes the signs are more of a ‘direction’ than a ‘confirmation’. Sometimes the universe is trying to tell you what exactly you need to do or ‘do differently’ in order to manifest something into your life. That’s why you need to pay a lot of attention to what’s happening in your surroundings and in your thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes, you might start encountering a certain kind of signs because the universe is trying to nudge you to explore the mystical dimensions of your existence which you’ve been ignoring because you are strongly identified with your ego-centric beliefs and ideologies.

What If You Aren’t Receiving Any Signs?

As I’ve mentioned above, signs are always there. It’s you who isn’t paying enough attention. You need to raise your awareness to a certain pitch of alertness and vibrancy in order to receive and understand these signs more easily. There are numerous ways to do that. You could practice meditations like mindfulness and breath-watching. You could develop a profound sense of gratitude or you could try reconnecting with nature. Pick any of these methods based on what kind of person you are and how much time you can devote towards this endeavour.

Once you start working on your interiorities, life will begin to change in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Initially, you’ll receive small signs like you’ll start noticing angel numbers (numbers like 11:11) more frequently. Then, slowly, as your consciousness rises, you’ll start receiving signs/answers for every question that you might have.


An important aspect of following the law of attraction with all your heart and soul is to develop your awareness in such a way that you start recognizing these signs from the universe in an effortless manner. The signs are affirmations that you are on the right path of becoming a magnet for abundance, love, gratitude and generosity. But also, the universe might be trying to push you in a certain direction via these messages.

Keep an eye out for the above mentioned law of attraction signs by working on your consciousness and inner wellbeing. Initially, you might find it hard to maintain your awareness throughout the day, but with practice, it’ll slowly become a part of your lifestyle.