You’ve undoubtedly heard of the Law of Attraction. However, maybe you’re not sure what they are about and what to do about them.

The Law of Attraction brings into our lives that which we focus on the most. When we think about something we want – love, money, a house – we act in ways to manifest these desires into our lives and turn them into reality. When you focus on positive things, you bring positivity into your life. When your thoughts turn negative, you will find yourself overwhelmed with negativity.

Our brain is very attuned to our thoughts. When we are filled with gloom because we don’t have enough money, the brain understands we are focusing on the lack of money and will do its best to ensure that we continue to lack it. It works the same way in reverse with we concentrate on positive thoughts.

Our thoughts affect every aspect of our lives. That means our thoughts are the most powerful tools at our disposal to ensure success. That’s where the Laws of Attractions come in.

Techniques to Attract Money

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people desire more money. Here are some popular Law of Attraction techniques that will attract money into your life.

  1. Focus on money in a positive way.

Start a journal and list the things you already have. You’ll be surprised at how rich you already are. Feel grateful. The Law of Attraction will prepare you for more.

  • Shut down your money critic.

When we are struggling financially, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with bills and things you would like to have but cannot afford. You tell yourself you’ll never have that house or that fancy car. You may even tell yourself that wealthy people are naturally selfish, and you won’t be that way.

Notice the abundance of negativity? Let’s change that into positivity.

Change your inner dialogue to positive thoughts by repeating to yourself:

  1. I can make enough money to buy anything I want.
  2. I attract money into my life every day.
  3. My mind is open to having more money

Imagine having all the money in the world. Feel it; smell it; see it.

Make sure that your vision of abundance supports your personal values. What really matters to you?

  1. If you care about those around you, visualize how money can help you create a better world.
  2. Are looks important to you? Imagine wearing sharp clothes that attract attention.
  3. Do you want a better-paying job? Focus on the skills needed to qualify for the next step up the ladder.
  • Get rid of the fear of success

You truly want to be successful; however, the fear of failure may be even stronger. So, you tell yourself to not even bother. The universe, always obliging, will attract failure into your life.

Write down all your negative thoughts about money. For example, perhaps you feel that people will only love you for your wealth. Then, switch every negative thought to a positive one. For example, “having more money will broaden my social circle and more happiness into my life.”

Techniques to Attract More Confidence and Self-Esteem Into Your Life

Have you ever envied someone else because they didn’t seem to share your fears and doubts? Did you wonder how you could gain that kind of confidence?

The answer goes back to the very essence of the Law of Attraction: we are what we think we are. We get what we think we can get and deserve. We are indeed the scriptwriters of our own life, the captain of our own ship. But how do you get there?

  1. Self-Acceptance

Affirmations that reassure you that you are capable of anything are great. And they really work. First, however, you need to accept where you are this minute. If you affirm that you can get any job while you know you are a nervous wreck, you are creating a dichotomy in your mind.

You don’t have to like being shy and nervous. But accept it for the time being. Tell yourself it’s okay (affirm) and give yourself permission to be nervous. Reassure yourself that it’s okay to be who you are at this moment. Then, put your “flaws” aside. Don’t focus on them.

Once you’ve reach self-acceptance, focus on your positive affirmations. Do so only in the present tense, as if it were already true. As a rule, it will take about three weeks for your subconscious to accept your positive thoughts. Practice the following affirmations every day.

  1. I enjoy being unique. It makes me special.
  2. I am not a victim of fate. I create my own fate.
  3. I have value. My feelings have value.
  4. I am open to new ideas.
  5. I learn from my mistakes.
  6. I see the future, not the past.
  • Negativity Log

Think of negativity as junk food. Now picture yourself sustaining a healthy body on chips, donuts, and fast food. It can’t be done, any more than you can sustain a healthy self-esteem on negative thoughts.

Unfortunately, negative thoughts can feel so at home in our mind, we accept them as normal. Writing down your automatic negative thoughts allows you to become more conscious of them.

The next step is to turn potato chips into broccoli – or, negative thoughts into positive thoughts. An easy and popular technique is to wear a band on your writs and snapping at the band each time you become aware of a negative thought. At the same time, rephrase the negative thought into a positive one. For example, when you think, “Someone like me can’t own her own business,” snap and replace that with, “I am as capable as anyone when it comes to learning how to run my own business. I love a challenge.”

It can be very helpful to write your positive thoughts on yellow stickers and leave them all over the house – like the backroom mirror. Use them when you are doing affirmations several times a day. The more you do this, the more real the positivity becomes, and positive actions will follow.

It’s a fact that anyone suffering from low self-esteem will be inner directed, as you ruminate over your mistakes and tell yourself you’ll never be good enough. Use the Law of Attraction to focus your thoughts and actions outward. Find something you care about or that invokes your passion and focus your actions on that. Do volunteer work or learn a new hobby. Learning and growing will lessen the time available for negative thoughts but will increase your self-esteem as you use and enjoy new skills.

  • Techniques to Stop Time Traveling

Surprise! You time travel every day, and you didn’t even know it. For the Law of Attraction to work best, you must live in the present, not the past or the future. Unfortunately, we all-too-frequently find ourselves outside of the present.

The Past

There is no denying the past can have a tremendous influence on your present thoughts. Were you picked on? Ignored? Made to feel less than worthy?

You can’t literally change the past, but you CAN change how you react to it. You have the power to change the negatives to positives and change how you act and react in the present.

Choose your own past. Focus on a new version of past events through visualization. Yes, it was painful always being picked last for sports. See it as clearly as you can, then envision yourself being picked first. Feel the exhalation and joy. Make it real. It’s important to experience the feelings. The more you practice the Law of Attraction visualizations, the less you will feel drawn to a negativity-filled past.

The Future

Negative thoughts in the present can seriously affect your future. How often have you told yourself you’ll never get that promotion, that date, that car … whatever it is you really want. If that’s what you believe, the universe will prove you right. You will end up with none if these.

The most effective Law of Attraction technique is to keep a journal. Note all those far-fetched dreams you have about your life. Don’t worry about whether they are realistic or not. Think big. Make it crazy. Just writing down your dreams is a powerful step in the right direction.

When you have noted all your big dreams, break them down into smaller chunks and timelines. It’s a tall ladder from the mailroom to the executive board room, so note each step and what is necessary to accomplish it. Be very detailed and specific. Without specificity, your future will remain dreams. Being specific makes your dreams real.

The Law of Attraction is very powerful. It involves creating a positive mindset that believes anything is possible. Does that sound silly? How much sillier is it to believe that nothing is possible?

The choice is yours. Start creating your own life today.