Affirmations are frequently mentioned in relation to the Law of Attraction, but what exactly are they, and what can they do for you?

Basically, affirmations are short phrases used to motivate our subconscious. They are meant to inspire us and shift our negative thoughts to positive ones. Our subconscious can be very indiscriminate about what it believes and how it wants us to act. Most of us have subconscious thoughts that can lead us away from success and the life we want. How often have you thought, “Oh, I can’t do this,” or “I’m just an average Joe; I’ll never have my own company.” The truth about our subconscious is that it believes us even when we are lying and wrong, and then it helpfully ensures that our negative thoughts come true.

Affirmations reprogram those thoughts to get us back on track and enable us to create a reality that we have always wanted but have not been able to create. That’s when we shift from negativity to positivity.

Our subconscious thoughts can and will determine how we act. If our subconscious feeds us negative messages, we are very likely to act in negative ways that defeat our goals. When we activate our brain to accept positive messages, the way we act will change from self-defeating to life-enhancing and beneficial. Doors once closed to us because of our thinking are easily opened.

Just as our mind believes our negative thoughts, it also believes any positive thoughts we tell ourselves – whether or not they are true at the time. The moment we shift from a state of want (I wish I had someone to love me) to a state of abundance (I attract love like a magnet because I deserve to be loved), our brain directs us to act differently, as if we were already enjoying abundance and love. With affirmations, we draw to us that which we want and need the most.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Contrary to what some people may believe, affirmations are based on actual science. Using affirmation to make positive changes in our behavior is an accepted psychological theory. Affirmations guide our behavior and thoughts in positive ways. It helps us control our perception of ourselves. Simply put, negative thoughts don’t just happen. If, in the past, you were told you are stupid, incompetent, ugly, or bad, your subconscious absorbed these messages whether they are true or note. As we’ve pointed out, our brain does not differentiate between falsehood and truth. Using positive message to override or erase the previous messages will be equally accepted by your brain. You are, in effect, affirming and defining your true identity, not what some bully told you years ago.

Affirmations aren’t meant to create perfection. As a matter of fact, the need for perfection will get in the way of allowing positive affirmation to achieve their goal. The focus should remain on developing new skills and a higher sense of efficacy. With positive affirmations, the result isn’t some fake self-esteem that proclaims, “I’m the best person.” Affirmations simply confirms the truth of the fact that you are capable of any task. It shifts your brain from “I can’t,” to “I can.” They change your outer experience by changing your inner thoughts.

How to Effectively Do Affirmations

When you begin doing affirmations, they may feel awkward. The words you are speaking aren’t quite familiar yes. But they reflect the truth you want, so when you keep doing, the constant repetition will change your behavior and turn them into truth. Your thoughts create your reality. That’s how powerful affirmations are when used consistently. The more you believe the affirmations will work, the better they will work.

You can do personal affirmations any time of the day, throughout the day. Many people find mornings to be especially effective. The reason is that morning affirmations start your day of on a positive note. It allows you to face what comes your way with less stress.

Here’s how to start doing your daily affirmations:

  1. Inhale and exhale deeply ten times.
  2. Look at yourself in a mirror.
  3. Clearly repeat your chosen affirmations 5 times.
  4. Inhale and exhale deeply ten times.

It helps if you have a specific time allocated for your affirmations. That way, they automatically become a part of your daily routine.

More Hints About Doing Affirmations:

  1. Keep your thoughts positive at all times. Consider the difference between “I am no longer fat” and “I am the perfect weight.” The first emphasized the problem and keeps your brain focused on being fat. The second affirmation has you thinking positively.
  2. The most powerful affirmations begin with “I am …” Your subconscious interprets them as a directive and will follow your order accordingly. Remember, your mind is always there to help you. You just need to choose the right words.
  3. Speak your affirmations in the present tense. By saying, for example, “I am the perfect weight,” your mind more easily can visualize your goal.
  4. Keep your affirmations short.
  5. Ensure that your affirmations are specific. You’re tossing your affirmation out into the vast universe. The universe is surprisingly obliging, but it can’t read your mind. Looking into the mirror and saying, “I am in need of more money,” is too vague. Instead, try, “I am in need of a job that pays me no less than $50,000 a year.” See the difference? The latter give your brain something with which to work. Your mind can focus on the type of job you need; additional education or certification that will be required, and the exact amount you will accept. You have a lot of actionable tasks that will move you toward success.

Benefits of Personal Affirmation

We can all use a mental boost at times. When you use your personal affirmations daily, you increase your level of performance, and you raise your self-esteem. How helpful would you find that when you are facing an interview or date? Affirmations aren’t miracles. They do, however, draw out your best behavior by affirming your belief in yourself.

Affirmation can do more than that, though. As we have discussed, your subconscious is filled with negative thoughts that may be keeping you from being the best version of yourself. The use of affirmations will help make you more aware of this negativity and change your subconscious thoughts more quickly. You are what you think you are.

Examples of Specific Affirmations

While you can use affirmations for just about anything, certain affirmations are used more than others.

  1. Money

Most people could use more money. Some excellent affirmations to manifest money into your life would be:

I am ready to accept money into my life.

I am feeling good and positive about money.

  • Love

Try the following affirmations:

I am ready to let love into my life.

I am attracting love wherever I am.

I am irresistible 

  • Increase Your Self-Esteem

I am confident that I can do what I need to do.

I am not a hostage to mistakes I have made in the past.

I am unique and I love my uniqueness. There is no one else like me.

Affirmations can be especially effective if you make them fit the situation. For example, money information can boost your chances of getting a raise or negotiate a good deal. Use love affirmations instead of fretting about a first date.

Affirmations and Visualizations

Affirmations can be a powerful tool in changing unconscious negative thoughts and behavior and developing a more positive, life-affirming attitude.

You can, however, increase the effectiveness of those affirmation with a secret sauce called visualization. Many successful people, especially athletes, visualize a successful outcome before they even start.  Here is why affirmations are so powerful:

  1. It helps your brain see what you need in detail and make your affirmations every more specific
  2. Visualizations activate your brain on the subconscious level and create positive ideas.
  3. When you visualize your desired future, you become more motivated to work toward your goals.

To visualize, sit and lie down in a comfortable place. It’s best if you close your eyes. Now, visualize already having that for which you are sending out affirmations. For example, if it is a new house, see the house as detailed as you can. See the color, feel the texture of the furniture, smell the cooking aroma coming from the kitchen. Hear what is happening outside – are there birds chirping; is there noisy traffic? Adjust your visualization until you have your perfect house. Then strengthen your vision with more affirmations.

Conclusion Positive affirmations have proven to be a powerful tool to release your mind and life of all negativity. They will allow you to think and enjoy more positivity, which has the power to change your thoughts, actions, and your entire life. You can begin anytime you want to enjoy more of life’s many abundances.