A vision board is as unique as its creator and can be used for a multitude of different reasons.

They could be a bit of fun, a way to pass the time and something pretty to hang on the wall, but their potential stretches beyond this.

They can be endlessly useful as a means of getting your hopes, dreams, motivations and plans down on paper, a way to keep you focused, accountable and driven.

But what are they, exactly? And what goes into the most effective vision boards?

What are Vision Boards?

A collage of your hopes and dreams that you can wake up to and see every day!

A vision board is a great tool to enable you to keep your goals and ambitions top of mind. It is a visual representation of your mission, whatever that may be.

It could be career, relationship or lifestyle-focused, it could be based on an upcoming event like a wedding – anything important to you.

Taking the time to look at them daily is one of the best ways to benefit from the Law of Attraction.

The power of keeping your goals active in your conscious and subconscious is limitless and has been proven by science to manifest opportunity where you may not have noticed it before…

Your vision board is a physical board of some kind, the material doesn’t matter; where you arrange quotes, pictures, perhaps sentimental items, anything you associate with feeling good and that will motivate you. Make this your sacred space, your shrine to the future you!

Remember, as discussed in our article on manifestation (add link here?) it is important to focus on what you hope to feel and how you will reach that. Not just on having specific possessions.

Why Make a Vision Board?

Vision boards can be incredibly effective if you make them true to you, you lean on them for inspiration and you keep them accessible.

Scientists have been studying the effects of visualization and found that it is incredibly powerful. Athletes have been using it for decades to improve performance with studies showing that just mentally simulating a workout over an extended period can have similar effects on the body as actually working out.

It is also common for race car drivers to simulate how they drive round a track before a big race, picturing every turn, gear change and anticipating obstacles so that they have subconsciously prepared their brains to react in the moment.

Visualization activates parts of your brain that may have been snoozing, jostling it awake to notice resources that might have always been available to you. In reminding yourself regularly of what you want, you may find yourself more alert when opportunities come along. Pretty pictures can have a powerful impact.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Ideas for Vision Boards

Your vision board is a looking glass into your future if you stay focused on the things that matter to you. It’s a sneak peek at what you could achieve if you ask for it and take action.

Keeping that feeling you want to experience at the heart of your practice, look for pictures, items, symbols or quotes that best evoke this emotion in you.

Perhaps you save your movie tickets from date nights that you want to keep up, or photos of great adventures that you wish to do more.

Maybe a friend wrote you sweet note once that you keep because it makes you feel good about yourself and makes you want to be kind back.

Get creative! Don’t stick to just photos or pictures, branch out! Whatever speaks to you, find a place for it.

Try to be selective, however. When you roadmap your goals for the future, you want to keep them clear and focused, so use your vision board to visually represent this clarity. A messy, chaotic board may just confuse you and not give your brain that boost of simple affirmation each day it can digest easily, with little attention.

There is beauty in simplicity and it will help you stay clear-headed.

Really, there is one key rule when it comes to vision boards: there aren’t any rules. You can’t ruin a board if you make it your own – if it’s authentic to you, it will help you.

Tips to Make Your Vision Board

Some people are looking at vision board apps or digital versions now but there’s nothing quite like making one yourself from scratch.

Create your safe space – light a candle, put on some music, maybe some aromatherapy and let’s get started!

You’ll need some kind of board. A corkboard is a budget-friendly option, pin-boards are also good.

You’ll need some adhesives; scissors, glue, tape, pins etc.

Pull together some pictures from magazines, books or online that you want to include.

Any quotes you are inspired by, have those ready – handwriting them lends a touch of personality and home-made charm to your board rather than typing and printing.

If you like stickers and decorations, grab some of these too.

Finally, any visual reminders or memories you want to include. This could be photos, postcards, notes, tickets, maps – anything that means something to you.

Set yourself some time aside to really enjoy making your board. The more positive energy you put in, the more it will have to offer you as you greet it each day!

Want to make more than one? Go for it! You could do boards themed on different areas of your life; work, home, personal. If you’re new to vision boards, perhaps start with one first and see what works for you.

Getting Kids Involved

Do you have some little’uns at home that may benefit from some healthy goal setting?

A vision board is a creative and fun way to help children set their own life goals too, training them to think about how we achieve things and how they can put their vivid imaginations to good use.

The key to creating vision boards with kids is to make sure you give them most of the decision-making power. Collaborate with them to think about what they want to do in the next few months or couple of years – start small, make it measurable and realistic.

Ensure that their goals are age-appropriate and attainable.

It is also important, as for yourself, to make sure the goals are specific.

Decide with your child how you will track their progress and how often you’ll check back in. Is there a reward at the end or is this more of an educational exercise to bond with them and teach them useful skills?

Seeing their favourite things, the things that motivate them everyday will have the same effects as for you, whilst teaching them valuable life lessons in the process.


In searching for the secret to the Law of Attraction, you will find a vision board a fun, interactive and satisfying way to kick-start your journey.

Totally unique to you, your vision board keeps you accountable for your new goals, excited about them and invigorated by them every time you see it.

When you can enjoy these visual representations of your hopes and dreams regularly, your subconscious mind will be scouting new ways to find them in the background. Give your brain a little creative juice blast every day and watch the doors beginning opening for you…