Manifesting. It’s a word you’re undoubtedly familiar with. It’s intriguing. But what exactly does it mean? You probably heard of it within the context of The Law of Attraction. We’re gonna discuss what manifesting is and how do you make it happen?

In short, manifesting is making your desires a priority and living in a way that turns them into reality. Anything can be manifested. To put it simply, manifesting unleashes limitless possibilities. It has the power to smash through all mental barriers.

Ever notice that some people seem to get whatever they want, while others keep hoping and remain disappointed that nothing seems to go their way? Manifesting has nothing to do with “hope,” and the first group knows that. Manifesting is all about acknowledging your desires and turning them into reality. It’s the realization that we are not a helpless entity in an infinite universe. Instead, we have the infinite universe working for us. If only we trust it to do so. That’s a lot of power on our side.

Things Don’t Just Happen by Chance

As chaotic as the universe may seem at times, it functions with precise logic. While your unfortunate neighbor keeps hoping, here’s how to manifest your dreams and make them real.

Your Attitude Matters

The universe may appear extremely arbitrary, especially if you feel you’re not getting your fair share of what everyone seems to have. In all honesty, the universe is unlikely to just hand you anything. It expects you to know what you want and work for it. That means, if you feel happy and joyful, you are open to possibilities. If you are sad and depressed, you are closed off from the universe and all that it can offer you.

You are in control. That’s not always an easy message to believe when we live in a state of chaos. It is, however, a fact. When you manifest, you are already one with the universe. Your desires are within reach. Therefore, even if you are having a bad day, you understand it’s only temporary and feel excited and happy at the inevitability of sunshine following.

The universe trusts you completely. It wants to oblige you. If you think, “I’m too stupid to do this,” it will support your belief by helping you not succeed. If you think, “That promotion is mine,” again, the universe will do everything in its power to make that mindset come true. Pay attention to your thoughts and work on making them positive. For example, instead of “I’m too stupid to …” shift to, “I have no idea how to change a tire, but my neighbor is a mechanic. Let me ask him to show me. I can learn this.”

Why Are You a Member of the Resistance?

No matter how badly we want something, negativity will create an impregnable wall between us and our desires. Negative thoughts act as a powerful resistant force to allowing us to become what we want to be and getting what we want to have.

We all have those thoughts at times. They can be difficult to escape. But as seen above, it is easy to take that negativity and simply rephrase it into a positive thought. Same situation, totally different mindset. When you go into a job interview with the attitude of, “I’ll never get this position,” place a crack in that wall of negativity by thinking, “Everyone is nervous interviewing. I’ve done everything possible to prepare, and the interviewer with be impressed!”

Take Responsibility

Do you know what negativity really is? It’s not taking responsibility for where you are in life. The universe is absolutely neutral. It doesn’t much care how badly you want a date or a new Ferrari. It expects you to take responsibility for your wants and desires. If you go through life with the attitude of, “I’ll never find the right person,” again, the universe will be very obliging in helping to make that come true. It’s up to you to take responsibility and do the necessary work. That might include a wardrobe overhaul, a new hairdo, and setting up a schedule to visit places where and when other singles might congregate. Make conversation. Send out the right signals, the universe takes notice. Taking responsibility is making a true commitment to manifesting your desires. You’re the only one with the power to manifest your own dreams.

You Think You Need to be Perfect? No, You Don’t

Improving yourself and your life is commendable and a definite part of manifesting. It’s a part of taking responsibility for the outcome in your daily life. Conversely, the harder you strive for perfection, the more you send out signals that you believe you are too imperfect, stupid, or incapable to actually achieve your dreams. If all you do is focusing on your imperfections, you are sending out negative signals. It’s a sign that you don’t really trust the universe and your place in it.

The universe couldn’t care less about your imperfections. The more you worry about your so-called “flaws,” the more you are manifesting your belief that you are not ready to achieve all the available abundance that is waiting for you.

You need to relax and trust. The need for perfection can get in the way of achieving what you want because you are concentrating on all the wrong things.

Instead of aiming for perfection, simply be the best you can be. Show the universe you can ready and willing to accept anything it brings your way. Avoid throwing up your arm and thinking, “Wait … I know I can do this as soon as I lose five pounds … read one more book on self-improvement … get a better and cooler wardrobe.”

You are who you are. And that’s the perfect starting point.

Let’s Talk About Your Past

“You are not defined by your past” – wise words from pastor and author Joel Osteen.

The problem with our past is that it sticks with us in the present and follows us into the future. A lot happened in the past that has determined who you are today. Imperfect parents. Cruel and bullying schoolmates. Along the way, you’ve created certain negative beliefs about yourself. These beliefs can be strong enough to push out anything positive. Sometimes, they simply become a part of us. We accept our limitations because that’s what we know. That’s how we see ourselves. The voices from our past can be extremely persistent in pointing out our shortcomings.

Are those voices making it difficult for you to fully manifest your dreams? It’s easy for them to convince you that you don’t really deserve to win in life. You’ve messed up before. What makes you think it’ll be any different now?

That’s were personal responsibility plays a huge part. It’s up to you to change those voices or ignore them. Whatever happened in the past, we can change and evolve. It’s time to silence that inner critic and become the boss of your own destiny.

Forgive yourself for any mistakes in the past and move on to a more exciting life. Take responsibility and do better. Life becomes so much easier when you refuse to blame yourself and others. Getting past anger and resentment opens up a world of possibilities.

Open yourself up to the idea that change is absolutely possible. That you can indeed have more, much more, in life. This can be difficult, but it’s a necessary step. Make an active decision to stop being a hostage to your past. Instead, focus on what you want for the future. Don’t censor yourself; remain open to all possibilities. This is your chance for a new start.

Does Manifesting Really Work?

Manifesting works naturally as soon as you trust it to work and stop working so hard at it. Focus on what you want – better job, money, a soulmate, whatever – and allow the process to develop. Forget about any limitations. The universe is limitless. Develop a positive attitude and simply allow yourself to feel happy and good. That’s a universal signal for success.